Statement In Support of Dr Arkebe Oqubay For Director General of UNIDO From Authors and Scholars

May 25, 2021


The world is facing a series of challenges that threatens to undermine global stability and reverse the progress that has been made towards combating poverty and inequality. The global Covid-19 health crisis has had severe economic and social repercussions and increased the number of people facing hunger; climate change is occurring much faster than anticipated, triggering water shortages and damaging vital ecosystems; pollution is contributing to health problems in several parts of the world; and the economic and technological gap between the haves and the have-nots is causing rising social strains and fuelling potential conflicts.

Against the backdrop of these interlocking challenges, revitalizing the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is becoming increasingly urgent, given its role in the promotion of industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization, and environmental sustainability.

We believe that Dr Arkebe Oqubay has the leadership qualities to address these difficult challenges, reinvigorate UNIDO, and formulate a new vision with the revival of industry, jobs, and gender-balanced sustainable development at its heart. His goal is to accelerate technological transformation to promote inclusive growth and sustainable industrialization, while enhancing technological learning, technology transfer, and innovation, with a particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, women, and young people. To build a better future as we recover from the Covid pandemic, he aims to reshape industrial development, build in resistance to future shocks, and mobilize additional resources through policy dialogue. That is why the African Union has endorsed his candidature for the post of UNIDO Director General.


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